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The goal of thechickenkeeper.com is to provide information, experience reports, backgrounds, tips and tricks on the topic of species-appropriate chicken husbandry.

Practical experiences facilitate the introduction to a responsible, original and ecological way to eggs and chicken meat. We also want to convey the joy in dealing with the animals and contribute to the preservation of rare breeds, so that the image of a proud cock and the hen with their chicks remains alive even in our times. Therefore, you will find all the necessary information about chicken farming at home on this website.

A yellow baby chicken is sitting on a hand.
There is a lot of joy in dealing with the animals.

On our website you will find everything you need to know about keeping chickens. Besides general information about the henhouse, you can read about the advantages of a mobile henhouse, where you can buy a hen house or how you can build one yourself. Also read, what you should not miss when setting up the henhouse and how to make the barn winterproof. We also provide information on how to design and equip the chicken run and which food is right for your chickens. Read all about young chickens and their rearing. In addition to general chicken diseases, we also explain some important chicken diseases in more detail.

With all this information you should be well prepared for keeping chickens and your chickens should not lack anything.

Have fun reading and browsing!

Your Chicken Keeper Team

Our red painted hen house amidst a beautiful green garden with trees.
What to consider before getting a hen house?
Keeping chickens is pretty easy, though, you should think of a few things before doing so.
Holding a part of the wooden hen house.
Want to build your own hen house?
Better you plan in advance – Here is what you need to know!
A fully equipped hen house from the inside, with laying nests, water and feed troughs, chicken ladder and poles.
What to provide inside the hen house?
From laying nests to feeding trough – your chickens shall have nothing lacking!
Some little cute chicks are sitting together with an egg in the background.
Where do I get chickens?
Let us help you decide if you want to get grown hens or chicks.
A chicken is being fed by a man, pecking out of his hand.
What to feed my chickens?
There are different kinds of chicken feed – find out what is good for them or might be poisonous.
Chicken after moulting looking a little sick.
How to avoid chicken diseases?
With a little knowledge and care you can keep your chickens healthy pretty easily.