Garden and Chicken Run

Taking the First Steps to Get Your Chicken Run Ready

Several brown chickens are running around on the grass pecking.
Trees, shrubs and a natural ground make the perfect chicken run.

Basically, anyone can keep chickens. Only nowadays, the changed social conditions make certain points somewhat more difficult.

Here we offer you information to help you to get closer to your goal of relaxed and species-appropriate keeping of chickens.

These points on chicken husbandry should first be clarified:

  • Are your neighbors okay with you keeping chickens?
    It is allowed to keep up to 20 chickens without a cock. Even a mobile hen house does not require a permit. However, it is better to talk to the neighbours and possibly offer a few eggs to appease them. The more rural the area, the less trouble you’ll probably get.
  • Which breed of chicken would I like to keep?
    The size of the run also depends on the breed of the chicken. Dwarf breeds usually need less outlet than large chickens, such as perhaps the Brahma. In principle, however, the more space available, the better.
  • Which chicken house is the right one for me and my chickens?
    Here, too, the barn must be adapted to the chicken breed-specific needs. The more chickens, the more space, or the bigger the chickens, the bigger the barn. With a number of 5-6 chickens, an averagely large mobile barn is probably sufficient. With 20 chickens, it is better to think about a fixed hen house. There are certainly mobile stables for a large number of animals, but the costs are enormous.

We wish you a lot of fun while designing your chicken run!

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