The Right Chicken Fence

A large chicken run with a fence and a lot of chickens running around.
A fence around the barn is an important protection for the chickens.

The Importance of the Chicken Fence

Hazard points are not only the surrounding traffic, but also the neighbouring property as well as wild animals and pets.

With a fence you can protect the environment as much as the chicken itself. Foxes are not uncommon in residential areas close to fields. And pure keeping indoors should under no circumstances be an option for a happy chicken. Chickens need fresh air, sunlight and an exercise area to scratch and pick to stay healthy.

What is the Right Height of a Chicken Fence?

The most frequently read statements agreed on a height of 112 cm for a medium-heavy chicken, if it does not tend to fly. This includes for example Barnevelder. For other breeds, like the East Frisian seagulls, a fence height of up to four metres were recommended, because they are considered to be very jumpy and tend to fly.

The heavier the chicken, the less it generally tends to fly. The safest choice for the height of the chicken fence is about 200 cm.
Chicken inside a Wooden Chicken Run.
It’s best to build the fence a little higher instead of too low.

Which Materials to Choose for a Chicken Fence?

The Wooden Fence

The wooden fence is certainly the visually most beautiful. The disadvantage here is that it is not particularly mobile. Moving the piles will turn out to be extremely difficult. An additional problem is the wooden end of the pile, which begins to rot in the ground without any treatment. If you want to do it without chemical treatment, you can char the lower part of the pole. To do this, hold the wooden pole over a small fire and turn it continuously until it is about half black, charred.

Do not hold the pole in the fire too long and intensively, otherwise it will naturally start to burn!

Some tips to build a good wooden chicken fence:

  • To prevent the wooden fence from rotting from above due to rain, you can nail small metal sheets or pieces of wood to the posts.
  • Spruce wood is well suited for fencing and is also inexpensive.
  • If you are also considering keeping chicks, you should reinforce the wooden fence with wire mesh so that the chicks cannot slip through small gaps.

The Mobile Poultry Fence

Less attractive than the wooden fence for chickens, but more practical and safer, is the mobile poultry fence. We have also decided on this variant of the chicken fence. We wanted to leave the possibility open to follow the principle of alternate grazing.

If you haven’t found the right chicken fence yet, we recommend the nearest DIY store.

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