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Chicken Coop – Final Straights


The Current State of Affairs in the Construction of our Chicken Coop

After mountains of work, there is finally land in sight!

At the moment, we have gotten a construction plan, a bill of materials and a bodyshop of our future chicken coop prepared.
We have never expected that it could take so long to come up with the right solutions for all the details and troubles.
Recently, we have been dealing with the exterior cladding.

Chicken Coop Features

  1. Natural materials: Wherever possible, we have used natural woods and refused from paintwork. So, we have gotten an appropriate environment without pollution sources, as well as a good indoor climate (insulation, moisture balance).
  2. Species-appropriate structure: Our chicken coop is optimized mainly to its animal-friendly orientation. We considered the insulation, lighting, equipment, hygiene and space as the main design criteria. We have not found a chicken coop plan similar to ours yet.
  3. Light procurement: The construction plan and the BOM for our chicken coop are designed in the manner of possible cuttings and processings in the construction market. The advantage is that you hardly need any sawing at home, so, you may save a lot of time.
  4. For amateur handymen: A cordless screwdriver and a saw for cutting individual strips are the most unusual tools for the chicken coop. We have planned the joints in such a way so that they are only slightly higher than Ikea level.
  5. Three floors with plenty of space: We have designed a spacious chicken coop as we think that chickens need to have enough space in the winter. There is even a small outlet in the lower part.
  6. Easy to clean: The interior parts can be easily removed for cleaning, without the use of tools. The coop can be cleaned through the large doors in the front part of the coop, without removing the floor.
  7. Mobile chicken coop: The henhouse has removable wheels. It can be easily moved due to such a design. If you use extra wide wheels, just one person may roll it out to the meadow
  8. Flexible design: The supporting frame, the interior, the exterior cladding and the transport elements for mobility are independent and can be adjusted by necessity. If you don’t need wheels, you may just omit them. If you want to use other materials for the exterior cladding of the coop, you may use the basic construction and interior decoration, but the other elements can be self-made.

At the moment, we could tell a lot about our “child”. We think that we’ve achieved a good result. We are keen on looking at or using simple but brilliant details. We are very happy. We are just looking forward to finishing it and letting chickens in. In fact, 8 of them. 8-)

Expert’s Hand

The reason for the high quality is that we have been supported by a whiz-kid specialist. Stefan, a fellow carpenter and an industrial designer has viewed our dilemma and offered his support. He has played a major role in the formation of our coop and offered us practical technical solutions. Many thanks to you, Stefan!

Picture Gallery of the Coop

You may get the very first idea of our mobile chicken coop if you look at the first pictures here. Look them through...

Your Opinion is Important for us

If you have tips or recommendations, just leave us a comment. We would appreciate any feedbacks and suggestions.

Best regards,
Your Chicken Keeper Team

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