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Where Can I Order Chicken Feed Online?

When you put a question, “Where can I get good chicken feed?” – you may be responded with a counter-question,

“Would you prefer to buy the food in a specialized store for pet supplies, or is the online shop more suitable for you?”

In our article about Chicken Food we highlight the questions about chicken feed types (complete feed, supplementary feed, ecological or conventional feed for chickens) in detail. In this blog post we will deal mainly with the question of where we can buy chicken feed on the Internet.

One more time, we recommend our article Chicken Food. Here you may find answers to such questions, “What feed can I give my chickens? Which chicken feed types are there in the range? How much can I feed my chickens?

Since our professions are connected with the Internet, it is not surprising that we want to purchase our chicken feed online.

We have even personally googled a few links copied from chicken and poultry forums and scrutinized the shops.

Here is a small selection of many links found. Most of the shops listed here are just enjoyable to use. Other online retailers are not user-friendly, however, they sell organic feed:

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Are you looking for feed for your laying hens?

We like to feed "Prairie's Choice Non-GMO Backyard Chicken Feed - Layer Formula" because it's high quality and non-GMO. It's complete nutrition formula made right here in the US and our chickens love it. Healthy layers mean lots of eggs!

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What about grower feed for chicks and meat poultry?

"Prairie's Choice Non-GMO Backyard Chicken Feed - Grower Formula" is a great choice for growing chickens. This complete nutrition formula has everything your chicks need to grow into healthy adults, without GMOs or unnecessary additives.

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Do you want to go completely organic?

Scratch and Peck Feeds' "Organic, Naturally Free Layer Chicken Feed" is certified USDA organic, soy and corn free, and GMO free. But, the best part: our chickens love it!

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Do you like to give your chickens a treat?

Our hens absolutely love"Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy"! They dance around and get so excited when they see the bag. It's easy to feed, all natural dried mealworms that are a yummy treat and add a little extra protein to their diet. The resealable bag is simple and convenient.

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  • Demeter certified online bioshop;
  • Sales in 25kg sacks;
  • Price range from 18.00 € to 27.00 €;
  • However, it is not clear if you can buy this chicken feed online or need to write an email.

  • Organic chicken feed is various;
  • Chick, pullet, laying hen, complete and supplementary feed;
  • Standard bags with prices from 4.00 $ and higher.

  • A complete feed in 4kg bag at4.49 € and
  • A supplementary feed in 3.5kg bag at 8.99 €, i.e. a very small range;.
  • Many payment methods;
  • Free shipping with the purchase from 19.00 €.

  • Feed for laying hens, chicks, young roosters and pullets;
  • Laying flour and grains for chickens;
  • A bit of everything;
  • Average price for 20kg chicken feed is 20.00 €, depending on the brand;
  • No bio;
  • Abundant payment method.

  • Ecological chicken feed;
  • In the range you may find feed for chicks, pullets and laying hens;
  • Prices are not visible;
  • You cannot place a direct online order, but only by fax, mail or by phone;
  • Highly detailed nutritional information.

  • Starter feed, laying hen feed, laying flour, complete feed;
  • Very small selection of feed for hens;
  • 25kg cost 25.00 €;
  • Good payment methods.

  • Complete and supplementary feed for chickens, chick, laying hens, pullets;
  • Available via various providers;
  • Many payment options;
  • No bio.

Hopefully we can help you with the links.

Have fun shopping.


  1. wrote on January 3rd, 2013 at 6:32 pm


    Hallo und danke für die Links!

    Ich hätte da noch zwei Shops. Unter http://www.eierschachteln.de/shopware2/gefluegelfutter/alleinfutter/56/biofutter-testpaket?c=2183 könnt ihr zum Beispiel ein Probepaket bestellen. Ich nutze für meine Hühner die Pellets, da Legemehl für Thüringer Barthühner und deutsche Lachshühner nicht so gut ist.. Als zweiten shop teste ich gerade futterkonzept.de und hier das Bio-L Legehennen Alleinfutter…. Mal sehen wie meine lieben das annehmen….

    • wrote on May 10th, 2013 at 2:19 pm


      Vielen Dank. Über solche Kommentare freuen wir uns wirklich immer.

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