Buy a Hen House

Mobile chicken house system in a garden with some chickens running around.
A mobile chicken house system out of plastic.

So you decided to buy a chicken coop instead of building it yourself? Or are you at least thinking about buying a chicken coop? No problem! We would like to help you here on this page to make the right decision for an appropriate hen house for you or even the right shop for you and your chickens to find.

Here are some general questions about buying a hen house.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Hen House Compared to Building it Yourself

Excerpt of our wooden hen house with fron door and window.
One of our selfmade hen houses.

The advantages of buying a chicken coop rather than building one’s own are obvious: you will have a lot less work! You won’t have to bother looking for a building plan or even draw one yourself. As a future chicken farmer, you won’t have to run through hardware stores to find the right material, you won’t have to pay attention to details like statics, ventilation, lighting and you won’t spend hours or days in the garden to assemble the whole thing into a hen house.

All in all, that sounds pretty good.

On the other hand, creativity will clearly fall by the wayside. Maybe you can still choose the color freely, but that could already be it. A self-built barn allows you to determine each individual component yourself. The color, the material, the size and the form – you can freely determine every detail about your custom made hen house!

Also disused sheds or construction wagons can be converted to a hen house.

Not everyone is a born craftsman. If you prefer to be a little less creative and can spend a little more money on it, you are of course well advised to buy a chicken house!

What Do I Have to Consider When Buying a Chicken Coop?

Mobile chicken house system in a garden with two chickens running around.
A small chicken house system.

Not every cheap hen house has to be of bad quality. In some cases, a favourable stable can also form a good basis on which you can then perhaps do some adjustments later on.

Here is a checklist on what to look out for when buying a hen house:

  • Is the quality of the wood right?
  • Is the barn well ventilated but does not create any draughts?
  • Is there enough sunlight for your chickens, but not so much that the barn overheats?
  • Does the hen house have sufficient insulation?
  • Is the chicken house, bought or converted, sufficiently protected against intruders such as martens, cats etc?
  • Are perches, nests, feeding and drinking facilities provided?
  • Of course it is also important for the chickens to have the possibility to relieve themselves and to scratch.

If these conditions are met, you have at least found a basic hen house.

The smoother the surface of the hen house, the less you will have problems with mites and similar vermin in the future. They especially like to nest between the tongue and groove of the individual boards. This can be prevented by liming the hen house.

The more specific your wishes for the stable are, the more expensive it will be. Always remember, chickens have no special requirements, they are satisfied with the simplest barn as long as it gives them enough shelter.

Blue sidetrailer with could be reconstructed to a hen house.
One of the many creative solutions for building a henhouse.

Where Can I Buy a Stable Outside the Internet?

If you don’t want to or cannot order a hen house over the Internet, we advise you to first go to the hardware stores in your area. Checking out the phone book for close by stores might be helpful.

If you don’t find what you are looking for or don’t know where such markets are in your area, you could use the internet to find stores or forums, where you can ask experienced people about that topic.

Checklist for Buying a Hen House Online

The following topics were relevant for us when searching and finding appropriate online shops:

  • Which shop offers chicken houses for sale? Also notice, that not every supplier of accessories sells chicken coops, too.
  • What does it look like in the categories shipping, shipping costs, delivery service of the supplier?
  • And what is the price-performance ratio? Which henhouse can I buy in which price range? What material does it have?
  • Will the hen house be delivered in one piece if I buy it online or in parts? Is there perhaps even a service that builds up the stable on site? Is that free or would you have to pay extra for it?


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